Hearing Aid Evaluation, Selection, and Fitting

We take our time finding the “best” hearing aids for each and every patient.  We perform a thorough needs assessment and recommend the style and technology level that fits your hearing, social and financial needs.  Hearing aids are a prosthetic device intended to supplement your listening needs.  Hearing aids do not correct underlying hearing loss and may not be right for everyone.  We offer a 60 day trial period to experience, adjust to and decide if hearing aids are right for you (payment due at the time of the fitting).  A Complete Hearing Aid Service plan (CHAS) comes standard with all hearing aids purchased and includes post hearing aid follow up care, warranties, supplies, batteries and in house repairs for 5 years from date of purchase.  Hearing aids purchased elsewhere or that are over 5 years old are subject to inspection and maintenance fees.  Medicare does not cover hearing aids.  Most private health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids but we will work with you on the claims process if requested.  We do have financing options available if needed.